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Starting with first steps using a single lens reflex camera in 2012 I rapidly became more and more interest in photography, in capturing the “perfect” picture and as well in gaining knowledge about the technical background of photography and post processing techniques.

In fact I already started much earlier taking photos and always liked to keep special moments in form of pictures as memories from departed moments but before it has been done with simple cameras where the creative aspect was not given due to automatic preferences, and the camera itself was taking over completely the control without being able to influence so much.


Very shortly after using the advantages of own preferences and potential effects resulting from these I discovered for myself the interest in documenting abandoned and forgotten places as main genre. Living during this time in Saxony-Anhalt, in the Eastern part of Germany, I had a great opportunity to visit many places which have been left abandoned before and after the Fall of the Wall and German reunification, and which former proud and extravagance was relinquished for decay. Nowadays these places still are telling their stories from the past and remembering the history, even if sometimes some parts are kept in silence forever.


The occurring wildness and the decay after abandoning former used plants, factories and other buildings as well as the contrast to modern urban investment is a relaxing and liberating escape from civilization.




Since I moved to Barcelona in early 2015 I didn’t discover yet so many lost places in and around the city, so I moved a bit my interest to different topics like the old and modern architecture, concert pics and character portraits. As well I am very interested in trying out composing with Photoshop by crossing the boundaries of pure photography.  Preferably with self-photographed material I like to create surreal moments and to generate a kind of cinema-poster-look or other scenes with different topics.

My pictures always tell a certain kind of a story, doesn´t matter if they show motives from the past, from nowadays or from people around me. Many times I am going out and taking my camera with me, just to keep the impression of the moments of things I am seeing and to try out new things and techniques. For me this is an important step to learn every time something new and to develop myself and taking the “perfect” picture. This is an ideal balance between my “normal” work and the unstressed moments being outside with the camera and seeking for the next motive.







During the last two years living in Barcelona all the efforts already have paid off a bit by winning the first price of an international internet photo contest with the topic “Abandoned” for which I submitted a wheelchair in back light taken in a former castle and nursing home during its last days. And recently I obtained the third price in the prestigious photo contest of the Festa Major de Gràcia 2016 (neighborhood festival of Gràcia, Barcelona).

daemon                                 abandonado-pero-no-olvidado_01

For these reasons and for my own satisfaction creating great pictures at different occasions, I will go on with this time-consuming hobby and maybe already next time YOU will be my motive for a meaningful portrait or as main character in a composing!


Some parts of the pictures from lost places, concerts and different styles you can look up under the following direction:


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