Alteau, French artist was born in Belgium in 1970.

Since a very young age, as long as he can remember, he has always drawn. He had his first professional publication printed in Spirou comic magazine when he was just 14 years old.

Since then he has produced and collaborated on many comic books, working alongside greats such as Frank Margerin amongst many others. He has drawn several satirical books regarding French politics ( Le P’tit Chirac, Le P’tit Sarko ) has also made part of the collection of ‘Vie De Merde’ and most recently drawn a series of 6 books for children titled ‘Les Gros livres’




. Alongside his passion for art he shares an equal passion for music spanning some 25 years.

He has himself been the singer of The Herberts (old school Oi!) The Bad Lieutenants (1977 Punk-Rock) and Salvation City Rockers (Street-Punky Reggae.)


Combining these two main passions in his life he has worked on numerous record covers for bands on the scene since 1986 including Klasse Kriminale, The Templars, Old Firm Casuals, Rancid, Jesse Wagner Happy Wags (The Aggrolites) The Undertakers, compilation albums including 30 Years of Oi! (Garry Bushell), to name a few.




Last few years he has focussed on raising his two children alongside continued work for the scene – this time for BRITAC !