About Britac

BRITAC! … The Heritage of 60’s and 70’s Style!

Britac was born more than a decade ago with the idea of creating shirts influenced by our favorite 60`s and 70`s designs, years in which these were obligatory garments for all ages and social classes; Shirts with striking colors, incredible checks and large collars!

Our current designs, inspired by those effervescent years of Swinging London, originate in England but then have become popular all over the world. Subcultures like mods and other stylish working class people adopted these fantastic shirts as another way of rebelling against the gray world around them.

At Britac we try to follow this tradition in the most respectful way possible, producing shirts that include all the details that our customers want but, at the same time, creating an own style.

After dedicating ourselves most extensive only to men, finally the women will have their BRITAC shirts, being faithful to the spirit of BRITAC with all its details and personal style but taking into account all the needs that the female body requires!

Britac is a brand of design, production and manufacturing in Barcelona, Catalonia.

Britac is more than a brand of shirts; it’s YOUR brand of shirts and YOUR style!
Be Smart! Be Britac!


Always taking care of details

BRITAC designs and manufactures its collections in Barcelona, Catalonia. Each season we select and design the best textiles and try to please all our customers. Our shirts are made, ironed and folded always under our final supervision, paying close attention to all the characteristic details of our brand and of course to the high quality that we offer in all our shirts.
BRITAC is manufactured in limited edition, always trying to be unique offering our customers the highest quality and the best design but at the same time a great exclusivity with adjusted prices in all our products.
At BRITAC we take our work very seriously. We are passionate about it and the most important thing for us is the satisfaction of our customers.