Maria de Palol – PunkOnCello

I am María de Palol, cellist.

I hardly remember my life before I started playing the cello. I have been playing for 22 years, and until a few years ago, I have dedicated myself mainly to classical and contemporary music. I have studied at the conservatory and have rarely taken my instrument out of this field.

However, the music that has always accompanied me has been Jamaican music, along with the Oi! and Punk. A few years ago, when I lived in Barcelona, ​​I had the opportunity to record a song with my friends of Secret Army and also with The Oldians. Two very different styles of music, but they made me see that the cello not only served me to make classical music. It is a very versatile instrument.

During these last months of confinement I have started a project that I have just named PunkOnCello, you can find me on instagram with it as @maria__cello and my YouTube channel (María de Palol). What I basically do is Punk, Oi! and even Ska, Reggae and Rocksteady with the cello.

Through an application that allows me to record by layers, I interpret songs that I like with my instrument, and from time to time, I will add some more collaborations.

On my channel you can find songs from Cock Sparrer, Crimen, Suburban Rebels, Opció K-95, Kortatu, Barricada, Demencial … but also Keith & Tex, Prince Buster, The Cabrians or Millie Small, performed with an apparently classic instrument: the cello.