Alex Plunkett – Tatto artist

My name is Alex Plunkett, better known as Duck Plunkett on Instagram.

I am half Irish half Catalan and I live in the Poblenou neighbourhood in Barcelona. I started drawing when I was 5 years old and motivated by my father I started studying art and illustration from a young age.

Since I was little I was also very interested in music and the world of music, especially what attracted me the most was punk, and since I barely knew how to play instruments and I didn’t have the money to afford a guitar, I drew on musical topics. I used to draw my favourite artists and things related to punk, also fashion and clothes, since the subcultural movement gives a lot of range. That later would be the cornerstone of my work.

When I was in high school I started to get interested in tattoos and when I was 19 years old I got a colleague to lend me 300 euros to buy tattoo material (I never returned the money), during the 13 years I have been working as a tattoo artist I have dedicated myself more in the traditional American Old School style, and it has evolved over the years since I have been introducing illustration and comic plus the things I like, music (Punk, Oi!, ska etc), beer and football.

I also made my debut in the comic world with a character named Casual Harvey who is focussed on the world of Casual Skinhead football fan.

You can find me at Midnight Tattoo in the Born neighbourhood in Barcelona, ​​and also, thanks to work, I travel a lot both in the Peninsula and in Europe