The Soul Chance

In the little town of Bakersfield, (an oil and agriculture-based city famously nicknamed ‘Nashville West–the country music capital of the West Coast’) a group of musicians are determined to make their hometown known for more than just country music.

Their name is The Soul Chance and their lo-fi, analog sound has become their signature distinction that sets them apart from the rest.

With an emphasis on the early reggae music of Jamaica, The Soul Chance recreates the popular music of the late ’60s and early ’70s by such Jamaican greats as Dave & Ansell Collins, The Upsetters and The Hippy Boys

Though there have been requests for peformances and appearances at various venues and events, The Soul Chance has predominantly been a studio project. Since forming in 2017, the group (which is comprised of Nico Collins, AJ Brewer, Brenndan Morlan, and Omar Murillo) has put all of their concentration and focus to great use and in 2018 released 5 singles; 4 of which were on vinyl on multiple record labels: Obeah, Funk Night, and Colemine. 

The group has also completed a full length LP set for vinyl release in September 2019 on Obeah Records.

By staying true to themselves, and honoring the Jamaican greats of the past, The Soul Chance is committed to entertaining music lovers for many years to come.

“The Soul Chance knows what they like and they’ve captured a sound that fits pefectly with who they are, which weighs very heavy on the soul while capturisng the lo-fi sound of early reggae recordings, making their music an easy spin…” -Skeme Richards (

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