Who the fuck is Edu Lázaro?

Who the fuck is Edu Lázaro?


Vinyl collector and self-taught DJ for more than a decade. The adventure for the turntables began in Benidorm (c /Joaquin Costa) in the early 2000’s, along with my good friend Rubén Sánchez and under the name of “Children of the Revolution Dj’s” playing Indie in bars like the Fantastic Club or The Sounds and co-organizing The 60’s Devotion Club at Barbara Ann which later led to Late Sixties Devotion Club aka LSD Club and Double Yellow Line at Minusa Club.


Collaborator for a couple of years of the radio program Alta Fidelidad of Radio Trinitat Vella of the hand of Alexandre Crespo. Dj resident of Second Coming Indie Club along with Noelia Lázaro and Rafa Suánez in Macondo Bar at the end of last decade (2009/2011). I’ve walked my bag of discos to the DJ booths of local bars and discos like Sidecar, Apollo, Be Cool, Be Good, Lupita del Raval, Underground Room, Tribbiani, Minusa, Barbara Ann, Upload Room as well as at national Sixties and Indie festivals and abroad like Mushroom Machine (Madrid), 60’s Pop Think in! (A’ Coruña), This Feeling (Barcelona), Purple Weekend (León), Looking Glass (Granada), Zaragoza Psych Fest (Zaragoza), Double Sight and Eyes Wide Open (Glasgow), Vacuum Cleaner (Milan), Wet Dream (Valladolid), Euroyeyé (Gijón), Mousetrap Fuzz 4 Freaks (London) etc …



Resident DJ of Barcelona Psych Fest & Nights Club and co-organizer of Weirdo Club BCN (madchester, indierock, britpop, shoegaze, neopsychedelia, 60s) along with Sergi Gil from 2013 to the present. Together with Noelia Lázaro forming in 2016 Dig The Lazarus! Dj’s with memorable sessions from Madchester, Britpop and Indie Rock at Manchester Bar Gothic.