“Feel The Rhythm Allnighter” Paco Boss Cocky dj!

There is no Style without Music!
This is the main reason why I keep buying records till this day.

I’m a big fan of Jamaican music but I don’t like to be called a collector. My true love is 60’s Reggae music, the so called “Early Reggae” . I’m particularly fond of Uk presses, but I definitely don’t rule out all the beautiful pearls on blank… as long as they’re original press!


 In the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to arrange several Reggae’n’Soul events, last but not least “Feel The Rhythm Allnighter”, project I strongly wanted and intend to carry forward in the years to come. Even though I’ve been spinning my tunes for many years now, between Italy and Europe (Shanty Town, Milano; Rudies!, Teramo; La Vinilata, Bologna; Napoli; Lecce; Shanty Town meets Hang On, Firenze; Rude Boys Vs Soul Boys, Anversa; Boss Sounds, Vienna…), I still feel that special thrill every time I have the opportunity to share “my music” with other people. … and the beat goes on!!!!!!!




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