Yauhen ABU Tattoo & Illustrations Tattooist, Illustrator, Trojan Skinhead from Poland/Belarus.

I was born in the capital of Belarus. When I was 16 or 17 years old I became a skinhead during the time where the most popular subcultures

there were alcoholics and prisoners.


Therefore it was not really easy getting to obtain, skinhead clothing and so on. Stuff like from Britac was just a pipe dream.
First I started with Oi! Punk music but after a year or so I realized that I prefer more traditional skinhead music like 60ies/70ies Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae and Soul which remains until today.

Together with friends we organized skinhead dancing events, sometimes with our friends from Russia and Ukraine, sometimes just locally. For one of these events I tried to make poster which was my first drawing with tablet and Photoshop. It was terrible but some people said that it’s not too bad thus I did again a poster for another reggae party, and later on for an event for my mates from St. Petersburg …and it all started.
Since this time I made a lot of drawings for the Oi! Punk/Ska/Reggae scene as well as vinyl covers, T-shirts, posters and many more things for people from a lot of countries around the world.

Thanks for this mates!
One day I noticed that my drawings are not so bad and I could a dream from my childhood to become true… starting to make tattoos.

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My debut as tattooist was with the age of 16. I got the first knowledge from a prison tattooist and started to tattoo myself. Around 7 years later my friends from Good Sign Tattoo helped me to learn more and I started my adventures with tattooing. I moved to the mother country of my grandfathers, to Poland, and now I am working in Warsaw in AZAZEL WARSZAWA.


So if you want to get any tattoo you can find me there.
Special thanks to my friends from Sigil Tattoo! And thank you Montse and Pepi for making amazing clothing and for asking me to write something about me.

And maybe few links:

Instagram @yauhenabu

Facebook: https://facebook.com/yauhenabu/
Yauhen ABU Tattoo & Illustrations
Tattooist, Illustrator, Trojan Skinhead from Poland/Belarus.