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I have been giving the glow in the Mod area since 1992, dying of curiosity and appetite for clothes, records and books; to know, to understand, to dance. Something that, somehow, has never left me abandoned, to the greater embarrassment of my friends.
I did not take long to work out my first fanzine, the shabby Elite, which was going to last for five years based on collages, delirious articles and own occurrences and their sacrificed collaborators.



I started co-organizing parties at the beginning of the age of 16. On the same day of my birthday, in November 1994, I premiered as a DJ and co-organizer at a party organized by Jordi Ramón and Francesc Gosalves. From there, I’m not slow to find my life with other buddies to organize more dancing events in which is proved our common style, the clumsiness of our dances and our, let’s say, very basic musical culture.

At the beginning these parties took place at less-recommended clubs – like the endearing Barbarella and likewise – then I move on to the Untamed Sessions, with 60’s sounds, together with my good friend Pep “Barrett” and then to Pandora’s Boxx R & B Lounge at the Barbara Ann Bar, next to the famous and inimitable gift David Gil, with which we will be, elbow to elbow, between 1996 and 2000, punching, swallowing liters of lager and designing (it is a saying) posters still remembered by Its unsobornable subnormality.
In those years I was already collaborating with musical and cultural press of the city and trying it with the prose with results accusable by law.
In the summer of 2003 and with an orphaned citizen night vision of R & B and 60s Soul, my good friend (and worst person) Albert Petit and servant, we launched The Boiler, a club of Rhythm and Soul pioneer by these latitudes whose organization abandoned in 2011.

It also gave me time to live 3 years in Italy where it gave me time to organize some movements like the Apéritif à la Mod with my colleagues Mike Painter and Screamin’ Lord Gazza.



                                                                          take-ivy-barcelona               le-clean-cut

In Italy I published “Alcuni Animali Danzanti“, my first book, written in Italian and based on many of those obsessions that, around the idea Mod, I have been accumulating. Its publisher, Max Galli, is still today after about 10 years since the publication of that text, a very good friend of mine.
At the present time I combine a “normal” work in communication with narrative writing in Castilian with the Palop Series, a series of Pulp books debtors of the inheritance of that generation of literary outcasts that, poisoned by the Esterri bottle, gave luster to Publishers like Bruguera.



                                                                                malas-noticias-palop                      palop-juega-sucio    


I do not leave aside musical journalism which I practice without consideration for headlines like Enlace Funk or Ruta66 and I have the pleasure of facing in these weeks the third season of my weekly program in Ràdio Ciutat Vella, El Aperitivo del Ritual (The Appetizer of the Ritual).
Regarding events, I currently lead the Mod weekender Le Clean Cut, which is existing since 2009, and since that year I co-organized with Lluís Cardenal and Dani Urbano the Take Ivy Club, based on sounds and aesthetics of Mod, Original Skinhead and Rare Soul.

As I love to talk, I have been able to occasionally been invited to Biblioteques de Barcelona to give talks / auditions on musical themes that I love, read Motown, organ Jazz or Soul of the 70.
As a DJ I have been in London, Lisbon, Italy and a bit throughout the” Piel de Toro” (skin of the bull, colloquial for Spain) stunning the staff and horrifying  waitresses from different counters of the bars.
For all these activities aimed at never being at peace, nor letting others be, can be updated at
And, well, we continue, listen: entertained.


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