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I have damier 4cles for a month now and i love it.From what i read here they last lots of years, but to answer your second question, i do the same thing: i use two keys in one of the hooks and they fit fine, no problem. i use it as a holder too and i don't have the keys inside, but the thing is that if i want i can put them inside without problems although they are 5 keys instead of 4. GL! lv bag
,Great! Congrats! louis vuitton bags,Wow, thanks for sharing, kenzo89! Those new scarves look so nice. louis vuitton outlet,LV has released 2 new wallets, the Origami Long Wallet and Origami Compact Wallet in both mono and damier. They are gorgeous!. Any TPFers have purchase it recently? I would love to see reveals on both wallets. louis vuitton bags,

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